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Wood Floors has one of the greatest things ever, and that is it never goes out of style, and nothing rivals the way Wood Floors warms up your home. It has been used for thousands of years, and despite numerous shifts and changes in architecture, designs, and styles, it has survived the tests of different trends, showing that the look of its own uniqueness never gets old. This is largely due to the fact that Wood Floors are an instant connection between homes and the nature. Every strip or plank of Wood Floors is unique, with its own individual patterns, grains, and colors. Because of the fact that there are a lot of different species of Wood Floors, each has its own particular pattern, grain, color, and characteristics, it ensures that each installation is a one of a kind. Over time wood is going to change. It will get a more subtle shadings of color, and pick up small scratches, nicks, and dents on the surface that will add a unique character and sophistication for your home. The kind of character that cannot be bought but can only be attained over the years.

Here at Select Flooring offer two types of Wood Floors, we offer Hardwood Floors and Engineered Wood Floors. Each with different species, surface finishes, colors, and characters.

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Birch 5 x3/8


Hickory 5x3/8


Hickory 7x1/2


Hickory 6x3/8


Birch 5x3/8