Waterproof Laminate

Waterproof Laminate Floors is one of the most popular type of floors, and stands as the go-to flooring alternative of Hardwood Floors without having to maintain it as Hardwood, also more affordable than Hardwood Floors. Technology came along way that made it possible for manufacturers to be able to produce Laminate floors as Waterproof Floors. This type of Laminate Floors is Waterproof because of the top layer (wear layer) that wraps around the locking system to make it water tight, so that any water spilled on surface never gets soaked by the fiberboard of the core layer. Also because of this top layer, it gives the floors more rigidity to withstand traffic, and does not dent and scratch easily.

The Waterproof Laminate comes in many colors, sizes, finishes, and some of them have beveled edges, all to make it as realistic as the Hardwood Floors, it is also embossed registered that is designed to follow wood grains, knots, swirls, etc. The Waterproof top layer made it even easier to clean this type of flooring, a damp mop for deep cleaning works perfectly, or any cleaning method you prefer.

Here at Select Flooring we have a large selection of Waterproof Laminate ranging from sizes, colors, and designs to match every taste, and design idea that will add your own sophistication, and character to your home or business.

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