Waterproof Floors

The hottest type of flooring in the market is the Waterproof Flooring, because you can get a Wood-look flooring without the expense and maintenance of actual hardwood. Select Flooring have you covered with material that no water or moisture can penetrate it, even if water soaked it to its core. If you’re thinking about spills that may happen in your house, like when your child drop the milk jug and it spilled everywhere while making a cereal, or when your puppy had an accident inside your house, or even water heater leaks. There are many spill/leak scenarios that can be a nightmare. This is when waterproof flooring comes to the rescue, and can help you rest at ease.But first, it’s important to understand what exactly makes a flooring product waterproof and what that means for your home, also it’s important to know what you’re looking for. There are many types of Waterproof Floors, there’re types that are fully waterproof to its core such as Vinyl Floors, and other types that are waterproof on the top layer only such as Waterproof Laminate Floors.

The most popular type Waterproof Floors is the Vinyl Floors that is the next generation of the Linoleum Floors. It is designed to look like Wood or Tile, and structured with different layers for extreme durability. The top layer of all Vinyl Floors is the protective layer (wear layer), then a layer of high-quality visual print that have a large range of beautiful colors and textures, after that is the core that is 100% waterproof, at last is the underlayment that may come attached to the plank. All of these layers are waterproof. There are many types of Vinyl Flooring. Here at Select Flooring we offer Vinyl Floors (WPC), Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP), and Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT).

The second type of Waterproof Floors is the Waterproof Laminate Floors that are designed and structured having 3 main layers, the first and only 100% waterproof layer is made from high-quality visual print that is embossed with wood texture, the second layer is the core, and at last the backing, both the core and backing are not waterproof. Here at Select Flooring we offer many types of Waterproof Laminate Floors.

Here at Select Flooring we have a large selection of Waterproof Floors ranging from types, sizes, colors, and designs to match every taste, and design idea that will add your own sophistication, and character to your home or business.

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